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Mexico Shipping

Shipping South of the Border

Moving your freight into, out of or within Mexico is easy with us. Our experienced teams ensure reliable shipping with security and freight visibility on both sides of the border.

A collage of a Yellow employee and the Mexico terminal locations on a map.
What we offer:

In addition to less-than-truckload (LTL), truckload and logistics solutions, Yellow provides a one-stop-shop with services such as:


  • Competitive brokerage through our Broker-Inclusive Services
  • Hazardous Materials, Time-Critical, Pool and Spot Volume rates
  • Consolidation and Distribution Service to improve the efficiency of your supply chain by eliminating delays and reducing costs associated with shipping and warehouse storage
  • Drayage capability at Laredo and El Paso gateways in Texas to ensure your freight moves efficiently


With Yellow, we ensure you freight moves quickly and safely:


  • Bilingual customer service and Border Ambassadors at border-crossing points in Laredo and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico to expedite customs clearance
  • Seamless end-to-end transport, with consistent processes on both sides of the border for each shipment
  • One PRO Number for real-time tracking and one convenient, easy-to-understand invoice for the entire move 
  • Maquiladora points are serviced directly by our U.S. border terminals 

Border Security

Border Ambassadors

Yellow is the only carrier with professional Border Ambassadors. Our full-time experts on both sides of the border work with brokers to ensure timely clearance and efficient crossings.


Our Border Ambassadors will:


  • Monitor your shipment’s progress across the border
  • Advise you of delays
  • Explain what we’re doing to help resolve customs delays or issues


You will receive personal attention, electronic shipment tracking, single point-of-contact and door-to-door service. Border Ambassadors track the progress of every shipment to ensure it clears the border. Our bilingual experts act on your behalf by working with Mexico and U.S. Customs, customs brokers, and forwarders to ensure seamless border crossings. After your shipment crosses the border, we continue monitoring it to its destination.

Cross borders with confidence

Yellow is fully compliant with programs affecting cross-border transport. In fact, we helped develop programs that improve supply-chain security while keeping the borders open to legitimate trade. In return, you receive faster processing and fewer inspections, particularly if your shipments are subject to bioterrorism initiatives.


We work with agencies to help develop the transportation requirements for the U.S. Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program. We ensure we move your shipments the right way, which includes all necessary certifications such as:


  • Nuevo Esquema de Empresas Certificadas (NEEC)
  • Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)
  • Free and Secure Trade (FAST)
  • Business Alliance for Secure Commerce (BASC)


For additional security, we have gated CCTV-monitored facilities, background checks and drug tests for employees, including canine inspections upon truck arrival.

Additional Information

Broker-Inclusive Service

Our broker-inclusive services make moving through customs easier than ever. You can trust the cross-border experts at Yellow to make your shipping experience simpler. With the addition of broker-inclusive service, Yellow is a true one-stop shop for your shipping needs. Our broker-inclusive offerings include:


  • Customs clearance
  • Advancing of funds for import duties and taxes
  • Single invoice with itemized charges for transportation, brokerage services and duties and taxes
  • Simple, easy-to-understand fee structure
  • Accelerated clearance by using an affiliated broker, giving you control and priority handling
  • Reduced number of carriers involved with your shipments
  • Less rework and fewer calls for distressed shipments
  • Less in-bond shipment and storage charges
  • Fewer in-house resources needed to process and follow transportation moves
  • One point of contact provides fast and accurate responses


Yellow provides trained and licensed specialists reviewing all documentation and advancing funds for import duties and taxes to expedite the clearance process. We also provide information on shipment clearance status and a customizable, simple, flat-fee structure specific to each customer.


Call 1-866-568-5588 or email Broker.Quotes@myyellow.com for more information.

Cross-border customer service

Need help? Our Spanish-speaking service team is available to answer any questions by phone:

  • Customers in the U.S. and Canada: 1-800-610-6525
  • Customers in Mexico: 1-800-790-3611


Or contact us at mexicosales@myyellow.com.

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