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Industry Vertical Expertise

An LTL Advantage

Our industry experience in key verticals can help you deliver. We know these industries inside and out, and we have what it takes to match your shipping needs with customized supply chain solutions.

Manufacturing, Automotive & Aerospace


Our services are built to last.


Whether you’re shipping finished products for distribution, fulfilling a manufacturer recall or anything in between, Yellow makes it easy. Our teams have you more than covered, and our specially trained drivers ensure that each shipment—even the most sensitive—will arrive safely at its destination.


When it comes to shipping machinery, parts or equipment, we deliver an efficient and transparent process, including:

  • E-commerce technology for inventory and distribution control and supply chain acceleration

  • Time-definite and expedited shipping

  • Cross-border support to make crossing quick, efficient and painless

  • Warehousing and return service options

  • Security measures for high-value materials

  • Heavy-haul and specialty equipment

  • HAZMAT-certified drivers with relevant security clearance

Oil, Gas & Energy


We can help you power your business.


Yellow knows how important the on-time delivery of the products, parts and equipment you need is to your business. We have supply chain consultants who understand your unique logistics needs in order to generate, harvest and distribute energy and other resources.


We have what it takes to support your mining, energy and utility efforts, including:

  • Expansive network covering all pickup and delivery areas, including rig sites

  • Regional Next-day Service to and from Texas and Oklahoma

  • Premium Expedited and Time-Definite Services available

  • Damage-free delivery and a lower claims ratio

  • End-to-end shipment monitoring and visibility with delivery verification or signature capture

  • Experience in handling a wide range of commodities

  • Compliance with DOT and FMCSA regulation

  • HAZMAT-certified drivers with relevant security clearance

  • Freeze Protection Service to keep your supply chain moving regardless of weather conditions

Retail, Consumer Goods & E-Commerce


We can bring your product to the people.


When you choose Yellow, delivering your shipments on time and intact is our first priority. We understand retailer requirements, compliance policies and the importance of meeting their requested due dates. Our teams ensure more on-time deliveries, which lead to less stockouts, higher purchase order fill rates and fewer short-paid invoices.


We provide the following benefits:

  • Priority scheduling and deliveries
  • Reduced chargebacks due to non-compliance
  • Guaranteed delivery options so shipments arrive by the scheduled time
  • Guaranteed Window Service to fulfill retailer must-arrive-by-window requirements
  • Premium Expedited and Time-Definite Services to meet even the tightest delivery windows
  • Streamlined Pool Distribution and Scanning Compliance

Healthcare & Life Sciences


Sensitive shipments, as seamless as possible.


Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment need to be where they’re needed the most. That’s why we specialize in shipping medical supplies throughout North America. Our highly skilled teams ensure safe and on-time delivery, and when necessary, in temperature-controlled conditions.


Some of our specialized healthcare and life sciences services include:

  • Emergency inventory replenishment services

  • Extensive terminal network to cover all pickup and delivery areas

  • Equipment available to manage all delivery situations (liftgates, box trucks, etc.) to many different locations (research labs, universities, tech centers)

  • End-to-end shipment monitoring and visibility with delivery verification or signature capture

  • Experience in handling a wide range of commodities

  • Freeze Protection Service to keep your supply chain moving regardless of weather conditions

Government & Defense


Our award-winning government shipping service, reporting for duty.


For over 30 years, we’ve been fulfilling shipments across the country, for our country. Our teams know how to navigate regional, national and even international transportation regulations, and can help you cut through the red tape.


When you choose Yellow for your government shipping needs, you will instantly have access to all we have to offer, including:

  • Agency-defined deliveries by noon, 5 p.m. and within a one-hour window

  • Ground, air and ocean service options

  • Holiday and weekend deliveries throughout the United States and Canada

  • Quote-free options

  • Pool distribution, vendor consolidation and more

  • Dedicated equipment for specialized shipments


Some of our certifications, compliance and experience include:

  • Homeland-security compliant

  • C-TPAT, FAST, CSA and PIP certified

  • NAFTA-driven capabilities

  • Foreign military sales expertise

  • Recognition from the EPA for our dedication to environmental sustainability

Third-Party Logistics


We specialize in supply chains.


While our network and supply chain are among the largest in North America, we’re proud to work with a wide range of third-party logistics providers and freight forwarders. We’ve even won a few awards for our quality service.


We surround our 3PL partners with a support team to optimize the supply chain at every level. And our data-driven approach integrates easily with most technology platforms. Any shipping solution is only possible with the help of our award-winning services like:

  • Regional Next-Day Service

  • Complete North American coverage

  • Standard, Economy and Premium Services

  • Hassle-free cross-border shipping to and from Canada and Mexico

  • Domestic ocean door-to-door service to and from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Guam

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