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Sealed Trailer

Worry-Free Shipping for High-Cost Freight

For an extra layer of protection and peace of mind, look no further than our Sealed Trailer Service.

How does this work?


An entire trailer is dedicated to one shipper and secured with a tamper-resistant rod lock. The shipment then remains undisturbed until delivery, and if the seal is removed or changed, it is evident to the consignee. If there is a security breach, we determine where the security breach occurred. The seal number is then verified before the trailer is unloaded at destination.


Additionally, our sealed trailer service provides documentation that may be required by governmental regulations about the movement, handling and security of a shipment.

What we offer:

  • Security for your valuable freight
  • Reduced claims from theft, shortages or damages
  • Minimized handling and co-mingling of freight
  • Multiple trailer sizes available
  • Trailers can be spotted at your location, based on your schedule — giving you extra time to load or unload
  • Quotes are valid up to 30 days
  • Real-time shipment tracking provided


We have multiple-size trailer options for your equipment needs:


  • Use single 28-foot pup when you need less than a 40- to 53-foot van.
  • Use two, 28-foot pups and gain up to 16 feet more capacity.

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