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Consolidation and Distribution

Streamline Your Supply Chain

Our Consolidation and Distribution services can reduce the costs of shipping and warehouse storage. And thanks to our key locations, technology and workforce, we can create solutions to meet any need.

Consolidation and Distribution services


Yellow’s Consolidation services provide delivery of goods departing from several origins within a geographic region, and then delivering to one destination. This means that we can arrange LTL pickups from multiple origins, and then consolidate that shipment into one truckload, sending it on to its final destination.


Yellow’s Distribution services provide delivery of your goods departing from one origin, and then delivering to many destinations within a geographic region. This translates to one truckload’s shipment coming from a single origin being distributed to multiple destinations.

Choose Consolidation and Distribution if you:
  • Have multiple inbound suppliers and vendors, or outbound customers within a regional area 
  • Have sufficient volume moving to or from any region of the U.S. (i.e. one full truckload of multiple LTL shipments per week) 
  • Currently use multiple long-haul LTL carriers 
  • Utilize a private fleet to transport your products and eliminate multiple-stop deliveries
  • Want to get your products to your customers 1-to-3 days sooner 
  • Need a way to reduce inventory and overall costs, as well as better manage your supply

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