Million Mile Drivers

Celebrating Many Milestones

We have the best—and safest—professional drivers on the road. Whenever a driver has traveled one million safe miles without a single preventable accident, that deserves recognition.

5 Million Mile Driver

George Brown | Memphis, TN

5 Million Mile Driver

Horace Crouch | Dallas, TX

5 Million Mile Driver

James Banner | Chicago, IL

5 Million Mile Driver

Robert Herber | Jackson, MS

4 Million Mile Drivers

4 Million Mile Drivers
Keith FieldingDayton, OH
William TrimbleRockford, IL

3 Million Mile Drivers

3 Million Mile Drivers
Drivers | LocationDrivers | Location
Alan Emerick | Youngstown, OHMichael Repman | Harrisburg, PA
Cecil Desnoes | Buffalo, NYMichael Tebow | Kansas City, MO
Chris Young | Memphis, TNNathan Brannock | Charlotte, NC
David Clifton | Charlotte, NCRandy Bath | Denver, CO
David Miller | St Paul, MNRay Ackermann | Saint Louis, MO
Donnie Hires | Atlanta, GARichard Kokeny | Buffalo, NY
Dwayne Easter | Harrisburg, PARichard Perea | Dallas, TX
Gary McGowan | Memphis, TNRichard Scholl | Akron, OH
Gary Slone | Oklahoma City, OKRobert Cockerham | Evansville, IN
George Sharp | Dallas, TXRonald Harris | Charlotte, NC
Ivan Amor | Indianapolis, INRonnie Sanders | Raleigh, NC
Jackie Allison | Charlotte, NCSamuel Turner | Phoenix, AZ
James Hedgecock | Oklahoma City, OKTerrence P. Oswald | Cincinnati, OH
James Hedges | Joliet, ILTerry Goetting | Saint Louis, MO
James Woodard | Memphis, TNTerry Myers | Saint Louis, MO
Jeffry A. Rouse | Harrisburg, PAWilliam Brown | Albuquerque, NM
Kent Stevens | Indianapolis, IN
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