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Craft your story with these approved Yellow assets. Please do not alter photos or logos.

1. Yellow truck three-quarter view, 2. Yellow truck head-on view, 3. Yellow truck wide side view
Yellow Logo and HNRY Logistics Logo

Terms of Use

Yellow and its subsidiary's logos are registered trademarks of Yellow and must appear with the appropriate register marks, and may not be altered in any manner. Without authorization, these images may only be used for editorial (public newspapers, news magazines, trade publications, and broadcast media) and educational purposes (teaching, scholarship, and research). Under no circumstances can these images be used for any personal or commercial purpose which would lead anyone to believe Yellow endorsed, sponsored, or was otherwise affiliated with an unauthorized user, its product, or service.


Specifications: The logos are up to 1440 pixels wide .PNG files and have a resolution of 72 ppi.

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