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Yellow Drivers Pay a Visit to "Fox & Friends"

The Yellow Team | Sept. 19 2022

    Yellow’s Russ Simpson, Bryan Reifsnyder and Esther Parsons in New York’s Times Square.

    Yellow made a special stop at Times Square on Sept. 16 to celebrate and talk about the importance of America’s truck drivers.


    Drivers Esther Parsons and Russ Simpson, along with SVP of Trucker Relations Bryan Reifsnyder, made a guest appearance on morning news show “Fox & Friends” in a segment honoring National Truck Driver Appreciation Week


    They spoke with “Fox & Friends” co-host Steve Doocy about the important role truck drivers play in keeping the American economy moving and presented him with an “I am a Trucker” T-shirt. A Yellow tractor-trailer served as a backdrop during the special segment in Times Square. 


    It was a memorable two-day visit to New York City for Parsons (Harrisburg, Pa.), Simpson (Columbus, Ohio) and Reifsnyder, who checked into the nearby Hard Rock Hotel and enjoyed a steak dinner the evening before the shoot. The trio arrived at the Fox News studio at 6 o’clock the next morning. Driver Jorge Pena from Yellow’s Brooklyn terminal brought in the tractor-trailer and parked it at the curb along Avenue of the Americas. 


    Parsons said the “Fox & Friends” crew did a good job making the Yellow team feel right at home. Before going live with Doocy in front of a national audience, he assured her, “We’re gonna have fun.” 


    “They did a teaser of all of us waving before our segment. Then there was a commercial break, (Doocy) came out and it was off to the races,” Parsons said. 

    During the interview, Parsons and Simpson pointed out that, while there are 3.6 million truck drivers on the roads today, the industry has a driver shortage. There are plenty of openings for well-paying professional driver positions today, as well as access to training through programs like Yellow’s 22 tuition-free Driving Academies


    “It’s a good living,” Simpson said. “Yellow has plenty of opportunities out there for anyone who wants to come work for us.”


    Parsons spoke about her decision to become a truck driver five years ago to help support her children through college. 


    “It’s been great. I’ve had a great experience. I wouldn’t have changed it for the world,” she told Doocy.

    Behind the scenes from the “Fox & Friends” shoot.

    After the TV appearance, there was time for a quick breakfast before Parsons, Simpson and Reifsnyder had to catch flights out of town. For all three, the trip was a great opportunity to talk and share experiences with colleagues from other parts of Yellow they wouldn’t normally interact with.


    “Everyone I have met from corporate at Yellow has always been very gracious and very personable,” Parsons said. “They take time out of their schedules to relax and talk to you.” 


    For Simpson, the trip to New York was his first visit to downtown Manhattan. 


    “One of the highlights was the cab ride from Penn Station to the Hard Rock,” he recalled. “I thought all the honking horns was only in the movies.”

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