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5 Tips to Protect Your Freight from Freezing This Winter

The Yellow Team | November 8, 2022

    Yellow truck in snow covered highway.

    Take these steps to help protect your valuable freight from harsh winter temperatures and reduce costs incurred from damages.


    As the leaves are changing color and the air is getting crisper, it’s also time to prepare your freight for the coming winter temperatures, especially if your cargo is freeze-sensitive. While liquids and beverages can expand in freezing temperatures and result in damaged packaging and spills, products like cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and batteries can also become unusable when exposed to extreme cold.


    While we do not have control over the elements, specialized services like Yellow’s Freeze Protection service may help reduce the impact of weather conditions.


    Here are five tips to warm you up so that you keep your cargo protected from the cold this winter:


    Tip #1: Know Your Freight


    It is important to be aware of how your cargo tolerates cold temperatures. Not all products freeze at the same temperature. While liquids like soda would freeze at 32 ̊F/0 ̊C, alcoholic beverages may endure an additional 5 to 10 degrees, depending on their alcohol content. Moreover, some not-so-obvious dry products such as coffee, oatmeal and flour can also be susceptible to cold temperatures.


    Tip #2: Work with a Temperature-Controlled Carrier *


    To ensure the safety and proper handling of your freezable shipments, it is crucial to choose the right carrier. With Yellow’s Freeze Protection service, your freezable shipments are handled by a team of highly experienced professionals equipped with procedures, training and technology to protect shipments. We provide technically engineered cargo quilts in specific markets to protect sensitive shipments. Your freight remains above 32°F to ensure product integrity.


    Tip #3: Be Proactive and Plan Ahead


    Be sure to communicate your freeze protection requirements at the time you book your shipment. This will help you receive a proper quote and avoid any last-minute charges.


    At Yellow, we like to keep it simple and convenient for you. There is no sign-up or pre-approval required to ship your freezable goods. Just a few things to remember — mark “Protect from Freezing” on the Bill of Lading, mention it is a freeze protection shipment and the destination when you call for pick-up. This will help our team prepare the best loading and routing plan to protect your freight.


    Tip #4: Label Your Packages Properly


    Proper labeling is important for any freight, especially when transporting temperature-sensitive goods. For Yellow’s Freeze Protection service, make sure to label the packages with “Protect from Freeze.” Our team will label waybills distinctively to easily identify your freezable goods and ensure proper handling throughout the shipping route.


    Tip #5: Monitor Weather Forecasts


    When shipping freezable cargo, it is essential to consider temperature variations along the entire shipping route. Temperatures can easily swing several degrees with quick turns in winter weather conditions.


    It can be overwhelming to track the weather for each of your shipments, so our service takes this off your plate. We use weather monitoring systems and take the necessary steps to protect your goods. We also designate sheltered areas/warm rooms to hold freezable freight during severe weather.


    More About Yellow's Freeze Protection Service


    Our Freeze Protection service keeps freight from freezing by monitoring outdoor temperatures, providing special handling procedures, and moving freezable shipments on our faster network and priority load plan.


    This reduces exposure of freight to the cold while in transit. As shippers or supply chain managers, you can rely on Yellow’s expertise and maintain control of cycle times without tying up production or increasing costly on-hand stock.


    The service is available throughout the winter season (Nov. 1 through April 30), and keeps products that freeze at or below 32 ̊F/0 ̊C safe. By using our weather monitoring systems, we can plan ahead and provide access to sheltered areas/warm spaces throughout the network, even on weekends.


    A few more details about our service: 


    • Freeze Protection pick-ups are available Monday through Friday for service to all direct points in the continental U.S., Canada and Mexico. 
    • We provide proactive service alerts on our website to keep customers updated on extreme weather conditions that require changes to the schedule and service availability.
    • We provide freeze protection service for a variety of industries, including chemical and related products, food and beverage, paints, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and agricultural.


    In Summary


    While there are several variables to take into consideration for ensuring proper, on-time and damage-free delivery of your freeze-sensitive loads, opting for the right LTL carrier and service is of key importance. Preparing ahead can not only ensure the safety of your shipment, but it can also save money and avoid any eleventh-hour rush in finding carriers. Contact a Yellow account executive for more information on Freeze Protection or to learn more about our other specialized services.


    * Yellow's Freeze Protection service does not include the use of climate-controlled trailers.

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